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ACS was established in 1994 as a company dedicated to hearing conservation and the manufacture of custom-fit products for hearing protection. Following the introduction of the world renowned ER-Series hearing protectors designed specifically for musicians and it’s first in-ear monitor, the T3, ACS rapidly built a reputation for itself amongst musicians and music lovers alike.
ACS has continued to refine its world-beating product range with its own certification of its ER build giving it the flattest response of any earplug worldwide and the introduction of the T2 Dual Driver In-Ear Monitor which has become the mainstay of many performing musicians that demand the best in clarity as well as isolation.
With a growing reputation amongst musicians and audiophiles ACS introduced its Triple Driver T1 In-Ear Monitor with many ground-breaking features as well as introducing a first-of-its-kind scheme that allows earphone manufacturers to offer custom fitted sleeves for their own products. It was just such a partnership with Etymotic Research that led to the companies being awarded the iPhone Accessory of the Year Award for their hf2 Custom Fit product which was rolled out exclusively through the Apple stores.
The continuing development of its product line and a need to innovate in all areas still drives the company to deliver the best in both products and service for which it has become renowned understanding that each product is a one-off item and each customer is completely unique.
About ACS
  • Is a privately owned UK company
  • Use advanced and innovative technology
  • Have an extensive, certificated product range
  • Is an ISO certified 9001:2008 company with international recognition
  • Deliver good old-fashioned customer service
  • Is registered in England and Wales No: 3189815