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Live! Series In-Ear Monitors

All ACS Live! Series In-Ear Monitors have a pair of miniature microphones built in which when paired with the ACS Live! Ambient Processor, allows the wearer to simultaneously listen to their mix and dial in their ambient surroundings.

NEW for 2017: Our redesigned cable and mounting system ensures excellent durability and gives the ACS Live! In-Ear Monitors a fresh new look.

evoke live main  

ACS Evoke Live!

We have re-engineered our single driver in-ear monitor to take advantage of the latest technology available.

Featuring our patent pending IRIS and SSI technology, ACS Evoke Live! is a very capable entry level in-ear monitor with a sound belying its single driver configuration.

ACS Evolve Live!

The ACS Evolve Live! features a triple driver, 3-way crossover configuration delivering clear, well defined low end, incredibly detailed mid-range and accurate highs with no harmonic distortion.

To make things even better we have now introduced our exclusive SSI technology to the ACS Evolve Live!.

  evolve live main
emotion live main  

ACS Emotion Live!

ACS Emotion Live! is the newest addition to our Live! Series product range. This 5 driver in-ear monitor delivers deep hard hitting bass, smooth balanced mids and crisp detailed highs.

Featuring our exclusive SSI technology, ACS Emotion Live! delivers a lush, articulate and balanced sound with incredible depth and clarity.

ACS Live! Ambient Processor

It's time to take your ACS Live! In-Ear Monitors to the next level..

The ACS Live! Ambient Processor brings your Live! In-Ear Monitors to life. Once connected, the ACS Live! Ambient Microphones are activated and the ability to hear is restored and the feeling of being isolated completely removed.

This truly is a game changing product for on-stage performers.

  live ambient processor

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