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Carl Doggett


ACS saved my career…………

My name is Carl Doggett, I’m 35 and I’m the drummer for mine and my brothers band The Doggett Brothers.

I have been deaf in my left ear since I was 2 years old and I have suffered from tinnitus in my only good ear since I was in my mid 20s.

My dad is a Jazz drummer and I started taking interest in the drums when I was 10 years old and naturally took to it. In my teens I joined a big band and shortly after started getting into Jazz Fusion, soul and funk music – Jamiroquai, Incognito, Chic Corea and Red Hot Chilli Peppers come to mind.

When I was a kid my parents always encouraged me to use ear protection, especially because of my hearing situation. Regardless, they supported me because I loved playing the drums and wanted it to be my career, I was dedicated and would practice every day after school studying videos of my drumming idols and dreaming of one day touring the world!

After years of trying many different types of ear protection, I was never happy, the clarity of so many products just wasn’t good enough and I grew tired of searching for the perfect ear plug. When practising with other musicians, everything sounded muffled – like the rest of the band was on the other side of a closed door leaving me with little satisfaction. Having only 50% hearing meant that every little detail and note in clarity was truly essential so I chose not to use any ear protection when performing live which is a decision I would later regret.

After every rehearsal or gig I would always have ringing in my ear when going to sleep but by the morning it would be gone. However, one morning after a very loud performance, the ringing was still there with a humming sound on top and It wasn’t showing any sign of disappearing so I booked an appointment with an ear specialist only to discover the damage was already done; I had developed tinnitus and it wasn’t going away.

I was advised to give up my career and my dream. Naturally I was devastated but after a few months I went back for a second opinion from a different specialist who assured me there was no reason for me to give up playing as long as I used the very the best ear protection possible so the tinnitus wouldn’t get any worse! He then introduced me to ACS.

I then got in touch and I’ve never looked back since, ACS have been a revolution to me!

I purchased my first ever moulded ear plug and was blown away by its quality. It was leagues above anything else I had ever tried and tested. A few years later I ordered a new more advanced moulded ear plug, the ER25 designed for very loud music cutting out 25db with clarity. I then purchased the ER15 filter that can be fitted in the very same mould. The clarity is amazing and I still use it today.

I am currently using the ACS Pro 17 moulded ear plugs which are the flattest response filter in the ACS Pro range, clarity is everything and for me this is the best yet ! It’s designed specifically for musicians and vocalists, and it really is a revolution in custom hearing protection.

I am now proudly an ACS endorsed artist and hope to soon be assisting them in the possible testing and development of a new in-ear monitor designed for musicians in similar situations to myself that are partially deaf that only have the use of one ear. It’s clear to say that discovering ACS and using their quality products has made it possible for me to continue with my career.

I’ve had recent success with my band on the UK soul scene and radio from selling out at the famous Jazz Café London to being album of the week on Jazz FM in January 2014 with our debut album Daylight.

In January 2015 we headlined The Jazz Café London for the 3rd time and release our new single – Lover through Ashwood Records. Lover single taster

Our second album is due for release later on this year 2015 with a UK tour to follow.

I hope that my story has inspired you in some way, don’t make the same mistake that I made, protect your hearing with the best, use ACS!


Carl Doggett – The Doggett Brothers

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