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David Liddell

ACS Encore Live! & Live! Ambient Processor

“I have been using ACS products for the last ten years and Andy Shiach has always been very generous with his time and letting me road test products.

As a trombonist the IEM experience has always been problematic as you always had the feeling of playing under water and the detachment from the music that many people talk about.

In March 2015 Andy brought the live pack to a show I was doing at the roundhouse and my whole experience changed in an instant.

Shortly after this show Andy hooked me up with the Encore live with 5 drivers and I cannot express how fantastic the experience is. I have been using them for the last two months on a North America and Canada tour with culture club.

My monitor mix was spot on every night but having the live pack totally enhanced the show experience!

Having control over what happens on the stage brings you back to the feeling of doing a show which had been lost before.

I hope other musicians catch on soon as controlling volume to your ears doesn’t have to mean loosing out on vibe.”

Dave Liddell is a session trombonist who has recorded with Jill Scott, 4 Hero, Beyoncé, Pharrell, Paloma Faith, Boy George and Culture Club to name a few. He has toured with Roger Daltry, Boy George, Baaba Maal, Westerhagen and is currently working with Culture Club.

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