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Jamie Humphries

ACS Evolve Live! and Live Ambient Processor

jamie humphries 2“I have been touring pretty much solidly since 2006 and throughout this time I have always used ACS in-ear moulded monitors. The sound quality is fantastic, but last year the live experience got a whole lot better for me when I started using the Live Pack. This innovation means I retain the crystal clear “CD” quality mix in my ears, but can dial in ambient sound to make my playing experience much more live and vibey!”

Jamie Humphries is a renowned UK session guitarist, artist, and educator. He has toured with the Brian May, The Australian Pink Floyd Show (USA), We Will Rock You (UK and Germany), The Mystic Orchestra (USA) and Champions of Rock (Sweden). He has also performed with Queen, Jeff Beck, Mike Rutherford, Richie Kotzen and Ronan Keating.

This year he embarks on two tours, “Gutterdämmerung” performing on some of the biggest Rock/Metal festivals in Europe with legendary vocalist Henry Rollins, and the 80’s Swedish arena tour “Rock of 80’s” with members of Hammerfall and Europe. Jamie is has three guitars books/CD released, “Giants of Rock”, Giants of Metal”, and Crash Course Electric Guitar”, published through Musicsales. Jamie has worked for Total Accuracy/Lick Library for the passed 18 years, and has transcribed several books in the “Jam With” series, and filmed over 50 instructional DVD’s.

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