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Jamie Michael Harris

ACS T1 Live! Custom & PRO15 Hearing Protection

“I’ve been using ACS T1 IEMs and Pro 15 protection for four years in a range of theatre and live performance settings. When playing woodwinds, being able to hear my instrument acoustically is key to delivering a great performance. The T1 Live! system allows me to control the volume and presence of my sound and hear subtle verbal cues from my surrounding band. I feel more connected to the group and no longer have to remove an ear piece to hear the room around me – a game-changing piece of kit. Thank you, Andy!”

Jamie Michael Harris is a London-based musician, composer and arranger. He has worked with a range of jazz and pop artists including Nile Rodgers, Dr John, Quincy Jones, Philip Bailey, Ronnie Wood, Prince Buster and Eddie Henderson. He is a member of “The AllStars Collective”.

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