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Steve Turner

T1 Live!

I’ve been using ACS products for well over 15 years, initially for hearing protection (ER9), so important in the days of wedge monitors and then for IEMs (T2 dual drivers) when I started touring with Kylie, my first ‘silent stage’ production (no wedges or on-stage amps)

I’m now part of BBC’s The Voice UK band and have treated myself to an upgrade (T1 Live! triple drivers). I'm loving the enhanced clarity, essential for balancing keyboard sounds with their wide frequency range. The comfort of fit is so important with sometimes over 12 hours ‘plugged in’ at the studio, and the superb sound quality means my ears are much less fatigued at the end of the session

As a bonus, when I'm touring I now have the nifty little option (and control) to dial in from the belt pack a little of the ‘ambiance’ to bring back that feeling of actually being in the band, something that can be lost with in-ears

One of the reasons I consistently turn to ACS is the exceptional comfort of fit and isolation they achieve with their products. I very soon forget I'm wearing them. Also I've been impressed by the way Andy takes a personal interest in matching the player to the right product.

Well happy!


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