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Shane Byrne

As a racer my preparation before a race is crucial, ACS custom are a massive part of that preparation providing me with custom made ear plugs that are nothing short of perfect, a set got lost recently and I was so keen to get them replaced I rode a bike on the road all the way to Banbury for new custom moulds, that trip alone probably doubled my road bike mileage for the year, that's how important they are to me!!!!!

Alice Powell

Alice is the hottest new female racing driver and sports talent in the UK her aim is to be first successful British woman to compete for The F1 Title.

In 2010, aged just 18, Alice became the first ever female driver to win the Formula Renault BARC Championship as well as the first ever female in the world to win a Formula Renault race. In 2012 Alice will be competing in the GP3 Series, which is a training ground for young drivers hoping to reach Formula One. Alice is one of our latest additions to use ACS monitors in a racing environment.

She commented on Twitter about her new ACS monitors: 'My T3 earpieces courtesy of @ACSCustomUK ! So comfy & great colour'.

Follow all news and updates on Alice here.

Sarah Reader

I went to Andy at ACS for some ear plugs as I’ve been suffering with tinnitus for years, I also got a set of their Drivercoms. I’ve had both products before from other companies but not been impressed with the quality. The ACS Drivercoms are so comfortable when my helmet is on and I can hear the information from my engineer with such clarity which is important in endurance racing.

The Pro Series ear plugs are fantastic. The custom mould makes them quick and easy to fit compared to foam plugs I’ve used in the past. They give a very natural sound so I can have conversations with them in and when I’m in car still hear the engine.

Guy Smith

I am amazed by the quality of ACS Drivercom system, I have used them during several Pre season tests driving the Le Mans prototype and I have never experienced such clarity and improved communication when talking on track with my guys in the pits not only that the amount of excess white noise is cut right down making radio communication more precise.

Even wearing them in the pits out of the car they allow me to communicate with my engineer clearly while protecting my hearing from the sound of the race cars, I am happy I found ACS and Drivercom and I won't use anything else from now on

Paul Dawtry aka Suds - Senior Instructor, Caterham Drive Experience

I worked at the indoor event run by Caterham Drive Experience at Autosport International at the NEC Birmingham this year and, for the first time, used a pair of ACS Hearing Protectors supplied by Sarah Reader.

In previous years I have not been able to find suitable ear protection that helps reduce the tyre noise as we gave over 1500 passenger rides, indoors, in 4 days.

So I was amazed that the ACS Ear Protectors not only reduced the background noise but that I was also able to hear people talking to me without shouting.

An amazing piece of kit, so many thanks to Sarah Reader for a great service and to ACS for protecting my hearing.

RR Racing use DriverCom

Leading Formula 3 Team, Raikkonen Robertson Racing have used throughout the 2005 season a number of ACS Hearing Protection Products. Team Mechanics and Engineers have had the privilege of using the very successful ER15 Noise Filtering Plugs.

Team drivers who include Dan Clarke and Bruno Senna have extensively tested the Driver Comm systems and comment highly on their performance. So impressed are the team and drivers with the products received from ACS that Raikkonen Robertson Racing hope to continue our relationship with ACS Hearing Solutions for the 2006 British Formula 3 Season.

Mark Burgess - RR Racing

Alan Abbey - Somerset Rally Stages

I can hear all instructions from the codriver completely now, regardless of car speed, engine noise, or gravel clattering against the bottom of the car.

It's a huge improvement over what I had before, and as well as being safer (less likely to mishear and make a mistake), the increased confidence translated to increased speed, and our best result to date on any rally..

Terry Caton

I went testing last week in the F2 March and use the new ear plugs, they are really comfortable , work well, and keep the engine noise down and I can still communicate with the team in the pits.

Some interesting facts on ACS Drivercoms

Andy Green chose ACS Drivercoms during his Dieselmax Land Speed Record attempt in August 2006 at Bonneville Salt Flats for the British construction equipment company JCB.

Another Bonneville Salt Flat race, Jonathan Suckling also chose ACS Drivercoms for his land speed attempt in 2007.