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ACS specialise in high quality, custom made solutions for hearing protection, in-ear monitoring and communication. With design and manufacturing based in the heart of England, ACS has over the years developed a bespoke range of products to cover all in-ear requirements. ACS hearing protection covers a wide range of users, from musicians, gig goers and clubbers to the industrial, military and motorsport sectors.

ACS in-ear monitors offer the perfect solution for musicians and music lovers alike, while our communication range offers a bespoke solution to a wide variety of sectors including aviation, motorsport, motorcycling and broadcasting.

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Hearing Protection

The PRO series launched at the beginning of 2011 creating a new era in level attenuating hearing protection.

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In-Ear Monitors

We love music and want to share our passion with others. All of our in-ear monitors are hand crafted from medical grade silicone.

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